What Are You Sweatin'? / by PJ Monson

CentralSweat  (What Are You Sweatin'?) Polly is a certified personal trainer and is the founder of CentralSweat.  You can workout with her for $5 in Central Park every Saturday at 9am! (Click here to sign up.) 

CentralSweat will provide inspirational blogs and postings from industry professionals to people that just have a cool way of looking at something. Stay tuned! 

One of my favorite things to say to my clients is “you can call or email me anytime, except the morning after!” No pain no gain guys! The pursuit to reaching your health goals, whatever they might be, is hard! Anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you something!

You know you have achieved success in establishing a healthy lifestyle when your everyday choices reflect not only what you want, but also what you need. Excellent! But how do you get there?

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome is to actually picture yourself as a healthy person. Have you ever seen the “before they were stars”show on E Network?  It’s fascinating because it shows you the journey (the work they did to become famous.) All you have been exposed to is the end result, their celebrity. The same thing happens when an unhealthy person meets a healthy one. They think the marathon runner must have entered life by literally running out of the womb, the vegan chick must have been raised in a forest so this diet is all she knows, or simply the healthy athletic girl must simply be that way because she has always been that way so its easy for her. The truth is that each of these people had a journey, some harder than others, but there was always a starting point and an end goal.

Sometimes starting is just believing that we ALL have the potential to be the best versions of ourselves. The next step is to figure out

  • What are you sweatin' and how do you overcome it?

Are you sweatin' your diet?, your workout routine?, your job?, your family?, your relationships?, lack of time?, or all of the above? All of these things influence your behavior when it comes to making everyday lifestyle choices. It is necessary to be aware of them and understand how to deal with them in order to balance them. This is where CentralSweat wants to hold your hand!

The definition for advice is the “guidance or recommendations concerning future prudent action, typically given by someone regarded as KNOWLEDGABLE.” (The Free Dictionary)

The key terms to take from this definition are guidance, recommendations, and knowledge. My biggest pet peeve is anyone promoting themselves as “the end all be all” when it comes to health and fitness. There is no universal right answer! I tell my clients there are 100 different ways to do everything and it is our job as health coaches to help you find YOUR right answer.

People read health books, visit online websites, and hire trainers to search for answers, but you will never find the right answers if you are not asking the right questions. CentralSweat will be a website full of answers, but will focus mainly on the journey. What is my first step? How do I take the first step? What’s next?

Many people tend to flock to one diet, or one trending exercise.  CentralSweat is focused on a journey in baby steps and a LIFE lived in moderation.

It has taken me years to get to the place where my wants can coincide with my needs. I am never really done, and that is a hard truth.  These things that we are “sweatin” now will never fully go away. Life can get harder as we get older and responsibilities grow. BUT we can choose to get smarter, we can gain wisdom, and, if we let ourselves, we can BECOME STRONG!

Let’s start Sweatin!;)