A Defining Moment / by PJ Monson

ImageDo you ever wonder what got you to this exact life moment? How did I get to this exact place, doing this exact thing at this exact time? Any history buff will tell me all of the answers can be found in understanding my past.  My ability to take risks, (i.e., creating CentralSweat) comes from a wisdom gained from past life events, a natural progression. My path toward CentralSweat began two years ago while walking home from a friend’s birthday party in DC. A teenager, drunk and high at the time, drove through a red light at 55mph and hit me head on in his SUV while I was in the crosswalk. My first memory of the traumatic event was waking up in the hospital and seeing my brother’s comforting face thinking to myself, “Where am I? What’s going on? Is this going to take long?  I have a date and a haircut tomorrow!” The left side of my face was completely smashed in from the impact. However the rest of my body, aside from a few bumps and bruises, was working and fully functional. I not only had survived, but I had survived with minimal injury!

The spiritual side of me sees a miracle, but the rational side of me knows it was mostly because I was in good physical shape. The impact of the car didn’t break any bones.  I had protected my body from more extensive damage by maintaining a healthy lifestyle! I had already been a trainer for several years, and the accident only confirmed what I believe is the truly important thing about fitness.  It’s about a strong heart, not slim hips.

I love the one-to-one relationships I form with my clients, and I wanted to find a way to connect with more people. I decided to move to New York to pursue an MS in PR and Corporate Communications. The skills of this degree combined with my knowledge and experience in health and wellness led to the creation of CentralSweat. It is a company about making connections under the umbrella of choosing a healthy lifestyle. It was my healthy body that saved me physically but my relationships with people that saved me mentally. I believe you need both, and that is what I want to create with CentralSweat.  Come join me in spreading the CentralSweat mojo!