Your Blueprint for a Healthy Lifestyle / by PJ Monson

PJ Monson is the founder of CentralSweat, and has been working in the health and fitness industry for over six years. Her training began in Chicago with a certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine,  focusing on motivational weight loss programs, functional training for long distance runners, and small group programs for brides. She moved to Washington DC in 2009 and secured continuing education credits in kettlebell training, TRX resistance training, pre/post natal care, and became a NASM certified performance enhancement specialist (skills in strength, power, and endurance training for athletes).  Health and wellness will always be her first priority and she is so excited to build a strong Central Sweat community focused on healthy lifestyle!

I developed a Blueprint for a Healthy Lifestyle over my many years working as a personal trainer.  I would often find that clients needed help answering those very important start-up questions...

  • What do you want?
  • What are your strengths, your weaknesses?
  • How can I help?

Thus came my Blueprint!  It gave my clients a visual tool they could use to focus their thoughts. It also helped them to understand me, where I was coming from, and what I was trying to help them accomplish!

MOJOTRIANGLEImagine a triangle resting on a line (exciting I know, but stay with me.) The line represents your mental foundation, which holds up the triangle. Without a strong mental foundation the rest of your goals can not be achieved and your triangle will collapse! Each wall of the triangle represents an intricate part of everyone’s health and wellness mojo-cardio, strength, and nutrition. Each wall must be strong enough to hold the other two or the triangle collapses.

The Blueprint helps you pinpoint where you should focus your energy while on the journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Over the next several weeks I will elaborate on the Wellness and Weight loss Triangle Blueprint (WWTB) to focus on each section specifically.  I will pose some start-up questions you should be trying to answer for yourself. This is not about giving you specific cardio plans or telling you what foods you should or should not eat. Health and wellness is not a one size fits all concept!  Why give you one answer to a question that has many?

We will concentrate on how to determine what your mindset is at this current moment! Are you positive, negative, lonely, or hopeful? We will explore what would be the best cardio plan to fit your lifestyle, define what you think it means to be strong, and figure out best practices in learning to develop and maintain a balanced diet!

When you start to build on your own WWTB then you begin forming the healthy habits that make up your own healthy lifestyle. Most of my ideology, including the WWTB, is built off of the conversations I have had with many amazing clients over the years and the research I have done to be able to train them.

The topic of health should always be a two-way conversation... so please let me know what you think! I am looking forward to this upcoming month and learning about people’s own Blueprint for a Healthy Lifestyle!