Fight for the Cure / by PJ Monson

PJ Monson has been working in the health and fitness industry for over six years. Her training began in Chicago with a certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine,  focusing on motivational weight loss programs, functional training for long distance runners, and small group programs for brides. She moved to Washington DC in 2009 and secured continuing education credits in kettlebell training, TRX resistance training, pre/post natal care, and became a NASM certified performance enhancement specialist (skills in strength, power, and endurance training for athletes).  Health and wellness will always be her first priority and she is so excited to build a strong Central Sweat community focused on healthy lifestyle.
A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing woman, Sue Matthews. She shared with me the story of her daughter Taylor's courageous fight with cancer. She used her pain to find strength, and carries on her daughter's mission to help find a cure for the cancer that prematurely took her life. I was instantly empathetic and inspired, and immediately thought: "What can I do?"
The month of September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. CentralSweat will to honor this by changing our website to gold, the official color dedicated to raising awareness for pediatric cancer, and will join in a fundraiser to raise money and awareness for this worthy cause! Little Taylor was an athlete so it is only fitting that we, as athletes, should come together to support one of our own! She is beloved, she is missed, and through Taybandz she is still fighting. CentralSweat has joined the fight and hopes you will, too!
Read little bit about the cause:
Taybandz was founded by 11-year-old Taylor Matthews.  Taylor was high-spirited, fun-loving, brave and determined. She used contagious laughter and smile to brighten every one’s day. Above all else, Taylor believed, that in life…”All You Need is Love”. She bravely fought pediatric cancer for 5 years with a strong compassion for helping others.


Taylor knew the agony of the current state of the art in pediatric treatments and how little is being done to keep other kids from knowing her pain and fear. That is why she created taybandz, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and funding research for pediatric cancer.  Taylor always believed that individuals could make a difference through their own private efforts!

JOIN US on September 21st and support and celebrate National Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month and help us to keep Taylor's dream alive.  Taybandz will be teaming up with CentralSweat in Central Park for the fundraising event of the year!  You can sign up for a $15 hour-long boot camp with certified personal trainer Polly Monson or bring your children for kids hour with children's dance instructor Rachel Gordon!  You can even click to make your tax-deductible donation on the site right now!  100% of the proceeds go directly towards Taylors cause.  Join us because Taylor was right... individuals really can make a difference!
Click here or visit to sign up for boot camp with CentralSweatsGOLD!!! Or make a donation directly to taybandz by clicking here!