Give a Little Get a Little / by PJ Monson


Hope is wishing something will happen.  Faith is believing something will happen. Courage is making something happen.

There was something in the air this past weekend.  As you may know (after all, we have been obsessively blasting about it) we partnered with Tay-Bandz this past Saturday in an effort to raise funds and awareness for Pediatric Cancer Research.  We joined the incredible folks at Tay-Bandz early Saturday morning in Mineral Springs, a lovely spot on the Upper West Side of Central Park.

We thought it might rain.

We thought we might not sell-out.

We thought wrong.


Not only did people come out from the woodwork to support the cause, but volunteers came out in droves.  Friends donated their time.  They donated their money.  They donated their energy. A huge army of cancer-killers organized, handed out waters, talked to passers-by, handed out gold shoelaces, tweeted or instagrammed the event, or brought founder/trainer PJ Monson Gatorade to get her through her 8 hour training day!  We did crunches, burpee's, sit-ups, jumping jacks and ab crunches.  We definitely sweated.  We even had a father walk by with his young son who learned about the cause and donated $100 cash.  The effort and enthusiasm was breathtaking, and it will not be soon forgotten.

photo 5

Thank you, Tay-Bandz, for involving us in such a courageous effort.  Thank you to all of you who came out to support Taylor's legacy.  It feels so good to reach out and help someone else.  It feels so good to get out with friends and work out for a good cause.  We will do it again soon.

Meanwhile,  feel free to get to know Taylor (click!).  We certainly did.