Finding Your Fitness Mojo! / by PJ Monson


The Merriam-Webster definition for mojo is : A power that may seem magical and allows someone to be very effective, successful, etc.

This definition puts the source of  "power" on the outside in a context of magic spells, talismans, and charms, thus Mojo becomes an uncontrollable idea that is based on luck and superstition with possible benefits to only those most fortunate. However, by shifting the source of "power" to the inside, specifically inner strength, will power, and emotional balance, Mojo becomes a controllable quality that anyone can possess and use to help them achieve their goals.

I use the word mojo a lot when I am referring to my clients' natural workings of their brain, i.e. their instincts, dailyMOJOTRIANGLE habits, or on going emotional state. I always tell them, when it comes to reaching their health goals, there are a million ways to do everything, it is my job as a fitness coach and personal trainer to match what they want and what they like with what I know they need. Hence, we need to find your Fitness Mojo!

Finding your Fitness Mojo is defining your personal blueprint for a healthy lifestyle that will harmonize what you want with what you need using the three main pillars of strength, cardio, and nutrition making success not only achievable, but also sustainable.

Over the course of the next month CentralSweat will focus on tools and tips to help you find your own Fitness Mojo. We will discuss "best practices'" in setting attainable goals for yourself and successfully breaking bad habits that keep you from achieving those goals, hear from people who have successfully found their Fitness Mojo and how they did it, highlight affordable options for summer fitness, and introduce you to tools like CentralSweat's Fitness Mojo Notebook that is helping people create their mojo blueprint as we speak!

I have to admit I was taken aback last week when I learned that 70% of today's health care costs comes from human behavior. This statistic is not meant to scold but empower you with the idea that you possess the capability to become the best version of yourself and with that comes freedom. The freedom from ongoing aches and pains, the freedom from high level stress, the freedom from a lifetime of medication, and the freedom in knowing that putting yourself first is not selfish but self preservation.

Start creating your Fitness Mojo today!

"She who has health, has hope; and she who has hope, has everything."  -Anonymous