Cocktails and Bikinis / by PJ Monson


Summer is in full swing, and to me that means friends, cookouts, cocktails and bikinis! I try to workout a little extra in the summer months because I am always showing a bit more skin! Keeping a comfortable figure is as much about what we eat and drink as it is about exercise!  I think alcoholic beverages are something we quickly overlook.  (lookout, Saturday evening cosmo!) A surprisingly a large portion of our added sugar intake comes from what we drink! Here are a few quick and easy CentralSweat tips that will keep you on track during these free and easy summer months!

When in doubt, choose wine!

 Wine is always about 100-150 calories a serving.  Although wine is made with sugar, it’s always the smarter choice when compared to a juicy cocktail!

Club soda, club soda!

 There are many mixed drinks that involve fruit juice… I love a tangy vodka-cranberry with a slice of lime!  I always make fun of my best friend because she still drinks screwdrivers!  But those fruit juice drinks really add up.  Next time, order your vodka with soda and a splash of cranberry or OJ.  Or even better, get a gin and soda/diet tonic with lemon and lime! You can save yourself hundreds of calories simply by choosing your mixers wisely.

Light beer is (sigh…) always a better choice.

The good news is the alcohol content is the same!

Alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

You can keep yourself from the midnight French fry/ 5 cosmo evening by pacing yourself.  Having a club soda with lime or water with lemon in between drinks will save you calories and will make your morning a whole lot brighter!

Awareness is key.  Don’t sweat the small stuff… If you are looking at the ocean from the deck of a beach house and want to order a Pina Colada, do it!  It’s your treat!  But next time your out for your weekly Thursday girls night out, choose wine, light beer or a low calorie mixer and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

And don’t worry.  It’s supposed to be an ongoing process.  The more knowledge we gain the more choices we give ourselves in the pathway towards becoming our best self!