Commentary for MyFitMojo Coaching Program / by PJ Monson


I developed a Blueprint for a Healthy Lifestyle over my many years working as a personal trainer.  I would often find that clients needed help answering those very important start-up questions...

  • What do you want?
  • What are your strengths, your weaknesses?
  • How can I help?

Thus came my Blueprint!  It gave my clients a visual tool they could use to focus their thoughts. It also helped them to understand me, where I was coming from, and what I was trying to help them accomplish!

Imagine a triangle resting on a line (exciting I know, but stay with me.) The line represents your mental foundation, which holds up the triangle. Without a strong mental foundation the rest of your goals can not be achieved and your triangle will collapse! Each wall of the triangle represents an intricate part of everyone’s health and wellness mojo-cardio, strength, and nutrition. Each wall must be strong enough to hold the other two or the triangle collapses.

The Blueprint helps you pinpoint where you should focus your energy while on the journey to a healthy lifestyle.

 Health and wellness is not a one size fits all concept!  Why give you one answer to a question that has many?

The topic of health should always be a two-way conversation... so please let me know what you think! Below is some positive feedback from some amazing clients! Thanks Everyone! Polly

I Love MyFitMojo!

Since the start of our Fitness Mojo Program, we have had the privilege of helping people all over the world!  We are not successful unless you are successful. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their accomplishments and appreciation and thank you to those taking the time to check out our mojo. Here are some examples of the amazing feedback we have received over the past several months. 

"I love my Fitness Mojo notebook. Working out and eating healthier became so much easier with my monthly checklist. I was eager to do specific workouts or eat less sweets just because I could cross it off the list. After three months, I already noticed a difference in my eating habits. I was reaching less for cookies or chips and more for fruits and veggies. For me, the notebook wasn't just about staying in shape, it was about forming a healthy lifestyle. Polly and her Fitness Mojo notebook helped me do that." Muffy L.

MyFitMojo works! After answering an excellent questionnaire, Polly Monson sets up a very individual exercise program. This program can be successful for any age because Polly Monson creates an exercise program to fit your lifestyle. She is always  "right on" with Skyping, individual assessment, and private consultation through emails. If you have any questions, Ms. Monson answers you immediately. MyFitMojo's workout program is a program that works.  Suzanne Z.

The great thing about the fitness mojo plan is that it was specifically tailored to my own strengths and weaknesses. By asking the right questions at the beginning if the program, Polly helped me identify both good habits that I should really try to continue, as well as some I needed to change. The plan not only helped keep me on track with the day to day battles, but also helped establish a solid foundation of guidelines that I needed to personally keep in mind for long term success.  Polly's motivational reminders were great and made me smile even on the days when working out seemed like the last thing I wanted to do.   Christine T.

I absolutely love working with Polly, my Fitness Mojo notebook and everything about MyFitMojo! Polly is super supportive, knows more about fitness and wellness than anyone I know, and she is soo easy to get along with.  She is unlike any other personal trainer you've ever met- that's a promise. The Fitness Mojo notebook is great- it allows me to establish my own goals in fitness, diet, or well being. This comprehensive approach to health is both unique and successful!  Thanks MyFitMojo!  Elise W.