5 Ways to Keep Your Workout Routine During A Busy Fall! / by PJ Monson

For students it is that time of year again, the start of a new school year. As you start to fill up that Google Calendar, don't let your workouts fall to the bottom of that priority list. Here are some helpful tips to  keep you active during the daily grind of work and school!

1. Schedule your workout. If you are like me, the minute I schedule a meeting, conference call, or class, it goes right into my calendar. This way I can't double book myself and I can organize my day. Your workout for the day is just as important!  It should be accounted for in your day-to-day. Whether it be a yoga class, jog in the park, spin class, or CentralSweat!

2.Find a workout buddy! One of the best benefits of being thrown back into a life of full-time work and school is being with co-workers and classmates that can definitely feel your pain. Find a buddy that shares your goals and workout styles and make a date! One of the things people love most about having a trainer is the accountability. Have that same accountability with a friend and help each other satisfy your workout goals.

3. Remember quality over quantity. You will rarely need 2 hours in a gym! Doing an hour class, 40 minute jog, or 20 minute HIIT (high intensity circuit training) is sometimes all you need to get in a daily efficient workout.

4. When in doubt, go online! Sometimes the commute to the gym can be longer than the actual workout. There are a lot of great options you can get right from your smart phone or laptop that will give you the workout you need right from home! (no weights needed) Some of my favorites include:



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5. Sign up for local athletic events in your hood. Runners definitely have the easier time with this since there is always a 5k or 10k going on somewhere for some reason. There are, however, more and more events popping up where obstacle courses and circuit training take the place of long distance running. Look for your closest MudathlonSpartan Race, or ToughMudder to give you some new athletic goals.

Owning a business, being a life coach, and trying to maintain a personal life,  I fully understand there are only so many hours in the day! However, I also understand that without my daily workouts, my stress levels would be higher, my mood darker, my energy levels lower, and waist line wider. 

Happy Fall, everyone!