The Life of a Navy Wife / by PJ Monson

Coming Home 1

Elise J. Willer is a dear friend of CentralSweat, (Read her latest blog with us! Click!) an avid runner, and is the Legislative Policy Organizer at CT Working Families.  We are featuring Elise as a continued guest blogger and look forward to reading about her journey as she embarks on her new life as a Master's student, a wife and best friend.   Six days ago I turned 26 years old. Nine days ago I started a dual Master’s program at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA.  Sixteen days ago my husband and I moved the first of our things from our storage unit in Groton, CT to Waltham, MA. And 31 days ago my husband, Justin, came home to me after a half-a-year deployment with the US Navy.  To say the least, it’s been a pretty busy month.

Despite the edges, run ragged by all the change in my life, I am absolutely stoked about this next year of my life.  The program at Brandeis is already challenging me mentally, my husband will soon be moving up to Boston and we’ll actually live with one another for the first time without roommates, and next year around the beginning of August, all of my dear friends and family will be united in Chicago to celebrate our marriage vows.

Justin and I were legally married at Thanksgiving last year- it was an extremely small ceremony with only immediate family present.  And although it allowed Justin and I to really focus on the vows we were making to one another, I really missed having my extended family and friends present. So we are renewing our vows and throwing a big party in Chicago in August 2014 as a way to share our love with those who have shared their love with us.


When I think about the year ahead I find it a little daunting. It’s a lot to take in… but then again, I am excited for it all!  Sure, it’ll be a lot but the activities will keep me occupied on a social, mental, and emotional level. The only thing missing is the physical activity. No matter what, a crucial part of staying excited instead of stressed is including a balanced diet and a healthy amount of physical fitness in my daily and weekly routines. (Not to mention, I’ll want to look stunning sharing center stage with Justin in some sort of a white dress next August!)  Luckily for me, I’ve got Central Sweat, Polly Monson as a fantastic trainer, and a whole bunch of healthy cook books to make sure that I look and feel great as a save the world and plan the party of the year.

More than anything, the goal this year to find rhythm and balance so that as life changes year in and year out I will have the foundation necessary to kick ass and feel good about it.

Goals for the year: I’d like to have a toned body, a stable state of mind body and soul, I’d like to weigh 111 lbs and I want to be the BEST me in all sense of the word possible.