33 Things I Would Tell My Little Self (A birthday post) / by PJ Monson

photo 3
  1. You won’t always be the shortest kid in class.
  2. If Ricky asks you out in a note in the 5th grade, DON’T check the “maybe” box; just check “NO!”
  3. photo 1
  4. You will be taking your best friend’s boyfriend to the prom, but it’s all good!
  5. You will be a late bloomer so will feel a bit left out, but don’t worry; you will catch up! =)
  6. It’s ok to pick your college because your best friend Jamie goes there. It actually becomes an amazing experience for you.
  7. For your Dad’s sake, just because the speeding ticket is only $50 doesn’t mean that’s the only consequence! (car insurance)
  8. There are a couple of guys I wish I could tell you to stay far far away from, but then you might not appreciate when you find the good ones!
  9. You will walk like your mother.
  10. You will have the sense of humor of your father.

10. Your brother will have some heartache but, in the end, he ends up with a happy family.

11. You will be a bouncer in a 5am bar (no I’m not kidding)

12. Your friends and family are what holds you together. #friemaly

13. You have a horrible sense of direction.

14. You will not only be blessed with two amazing parents, but amazing parental figures who will also adopt you!

15. Never cut your hair short!

16. You will be “struck” by tragedy at 29, but no worries, you will be just fine because of friends and family.

17. You will love being an actor and get to do some pretty cool shows with talented people.

18. Please pay a little more attention to 9th grade Spanish, it will make a romantic move to Spain when you’re older a little bit easier.

19. Speaking of, you will have a Spanish #friemaly.

20. People will pay you to teach them to throw cannonballs in the air (helps the butt).

21. You will move a lot but will always find a home.

22. You will spend most of your 20’s helping to raise your own “luv bug” and it will be one of the most fulfilling things you ever do. (take notes from BB)

23. You will find your calling in health and wellness.

24. Your true friends will always be honest with you and you them.

25. You will be very independent, but try not to be too guarded.

26. The smallest gestures will be your most romantic memories.

27. You will cook like your Mom.

28. Your best friend will be your business partner (pretty cool right!)

29. You will be single for a while but never alone.

30. You will stop eating fast food past the age of about 26 so enjoy it while you still don’t know any better.

31. Get excited for the clients that will touch your life.

32. Just because you haven’t “settled down” doesn’t mean you can’t find peace.

33. You will appreciate how young you look when you’re older! YES I DO!

I thought this could get tricky, having such a long list, but I actually could keep going! Obviously, all of these lessons are better learned than just given, but I think it’s a fun way to remember how thankful I am and how grateful I feel for all of the people (good and bad) that brought me to this point in my life.

Also a big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported my CentralSweat dream. You have made this a reality for me, and I hope to inspire you as much as you inspire me!