5 Easy Tips to Help You Lose Weight in 2014 / by PJ Monson


A New Day Resolution

5 EASY PRACTICES To Keep Those 2014 Weight Loss Goals

Instead of focusing on the year, let’s start simple and focus on today. In a recent article from Statistic Brain, weight loss is the #1 resolution for 2014.  This doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering the influx of weight loss ads, stay-fit articles, and gym peeps during the month of January! However, these are some stats that did get me thinking…

  • 49% of people have infrequent success with their resolutions
  • 24% of people never succeed in their resolutions
  • 8% of people are actually successful in achieving their resolutions


The last statistic was obviously the most alarming. My first instinct is to say, 'why bother?!' However the article goes on to say people who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to achieve their goals.  So let’s focus on some tips and tricks to keep us going strong all year long!

1. Break One Bad Habit.

A big part of losing weight is learning to break old habits. Save yourself some stress and focus on only breaking one habit at a time. Start by making a list of all the habits you want to change, pick one and go from there. If, after a few weeks, you find success then pick another habit and start again.

2. Get a Resolution Buddy.

It’s always good to have a support system when trying to make a lifestyle change.  Find a friend to workout with at the gym, a co-worker to order salads with at your lunch hour, or take a cooking class with a significant other.

3 Measure your Progress.

Before you start your weight loss plan, take a moment to weigh yourself, measure your waistline, count how many minutes it takes to jog or the number of push-ups you can do in a minute. Whatever your mojo, mark it, so improvement will be easy to see when you check back in after a few weeks of “resolution work.”

4. Create an Inspiration Board.

You can tap into your creative side for this one. Grab a sheet of construction paper and all of your old 2013 magazines you have lying around.  Cut out phrases that motivate you, places you want to go, or people you admire. Glue these images to your paper to make an inspirational collage that you can see everyday.

5. Take It Day by Day.

I always tell my clients instead of thinking, “I will never have chocolate cake again”, tell yourself “I am not going to eat chocolate cake today.”  A year’s success is made up of everyday choices. No one wants to live a life without chocolate, but we do want the power to say “no” to it when necessary.

A successful resolution does not require a perfect record. One bad day does not undo a year’s worth of effort. To kick off our mantra of a “New Day Resolution”, CentralSweat will provide daily tips to support making smart everyday choices, which will lead to achieving yearlong goals.