Start Your Engines! 5 Ways To Rev Up Your Metabolism / by PJ Monson


Simply put, metabolism is different chemical reactions that convert fuel from the food we eat into energy needed to power our bodies! Keeping a healthy metabolism is crucial to the weight loss process. Even if you might have inherited a "slower than most" metabolism, there are ways to shift your metabolic rate from moderate to hyper drive. 1. Strength training at least twice a week can prevent your body's metabolic rate from slowing down as you age. A pound of muscle burns more calories than a pound of fat. According to Women's Health Magazine, women that engage in 30 to 40 minute strength training sessions at least twice a week will, after four months, burn an excess of a 100 calories a day!

2. Omega-3's are a must! Whether you get your omega-3's from fish like salmon and tuna or supplements, this fatty acid is great for balancing blood sugar and regulating metabolism. It is also tied to reducing resistance to leptin, a hormone linked to how quickly fat is burned in the body.

3.Go Green (Tea)!. Studies have shown that catechin, an active ingredient found in the tea, helps to ramp up that metabolic rate. Try to squeeze in about 5 cups a day to increase that daily caloric burn!

4.Increase the "Quality" and "Quantity" of your food! One of the biggest mistakes people make with dieting is not eating enough. When the body senses its being deprived of "fuel" it moves from fat "burning" mode to fat "storing" mode. Yes, ultimately you want to burn more calories than you consume, but don't eat so little that you consume less than your resting metabolic rate. If you read last week's blog then you already know "Don't be a Camel!"

5.EPOC!Live It, Love It, Challenge It! EPOC stands for excess post exercise oxygen consumption. Basically, your body goes into hyper repair mode after an intense workout, thus burning more calories than usual. Most people are aware of this little post workout blessing, but what some may not know is the reward with EPOC is less as the body gets into better shape, i.e. working more efficiently and needing less recovery time. Challenge your body more by adding different types of exercises and intervals to your regular routine. The more you keep your body guessing the more it is necessary for your body to keep a higher metabolic rate to function properly!

These are only a few things that can facilitate revving up that metabolic engine. By cutting out some of the bad habits and instilling new good ones, you start to work with your body instead of against it. There might be some validity to your heredity and genetics excuses, but those excuses won't take the weight off. There are lots of health issues that are beyond our control; a slow metabolism doesn't have to be one of them. Now let's go and "get your engines started folks!"