Too Hot To Handle! Tips for Working Out in this Heat! / by PJ Monson


I have to say, on a personal note, I have always been a Fall/Winter girl. It is just so much easier to warm yourself up than to cool yourself down. Even if public nudity was legal, which let's just say for the record "Thank God it isn't!" Simply stripping down to your skivvies does not necessarily stop the sweating. July and August are monster months for most people in most places when it comes to high temps so, needless to say, the last thing most of us want to do is throw on the spandex and drip our way through a 5-mile run or circuit workout. However, in order to balance the Summer BBQs' and Booze, we need to stay on track with the workouts. These tips won't guarantee pure pleasure but they can help take the sting out a bit!;)Workout at Dawn or Dusk You don't have to look at this as a permanent change in your routine but a necessity to get you through the next couple of months. There can be up to a 10 degree difference before the sun fully wakes and sleeps so take advantage!

Keep It Indoors  Sometimes its not the workout that is time consuming but the recovery post-workout. The heat will make it harder for your internal body temp to fall, which can mean longer showers and more deodorant. Save yourself the extra recovery time and plow through a 20-30 minute bodyweight circuit in your living room before starting your day. Go to the end of this blog for a free workout to get you started!;)

Cool Down Those Inner Thighs   For women, it's never a comfortable feeling between the legs when running or sometimes even walking in this heat so do yourself a favor and grab some Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder or Monistat Cooling Gel to rub on those inner thighs before you head out for that workout!


Cool Down Your Towel There are great new sport towels and water bottles that are inexpensive and designed to stay cool and more importantly help you stay cool during this sizzling summer. One of my favorites is the Chill-Its Cooling Towel and Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle!

Surviving this heat can be a challenge but also worth it considering the beautiful days that come with it. Be smart and be safe when challenging the beast. Wear sunblock (put on 15 minutes prior to leaving the house and reapply every 2 hours) drink lots of water most importantly BEFORE the workout, wear lose clothing that lets you breath, and try to find shade to work out in whenever possible!



Mojo Madness Butt/Abs Workout!

6-Minute Circuit/ 4 Exercises/ 2 Rounds Each/ 24 Minute Circuit

For this circuit set your timer (iphone) for 6 minutes for each round. One round is performing each of the 4 exercises provided in the first section. If you finish the 4 before the end of the 6 minutes then start again and get through as much as you can before time is up. You will do 2 rounds of 6 minutes before moving on to the next set of 4 exercises. Repeat for next round, completing 4 rounds total for 24 minutes!

Take 5 minutes to warm up! Jog in place, jumping jacks, speed-walk around the block, jump rope. Get those muscle and joints ready to take action!

Round 1 (4 exercises)

15 Wide leg squat

(Widen legs, point toes slightly out, sit back into the heels)

20 Front Lunges (10 e. leg)

(All weight landing in the front heel, add some dumb bells for extra intensity)

30 Side lunges (15 e. leg)

(Make sure 1 leg is straight and the other bent, weight in heel of bent leg)

15 Jump Squats

(Try to land softly in the heels)

Round 2 (4 exercises)

15 Reverse Crunches

(With legs straight up, push heels towards the ceiling and lifting your butt and lower back off the floor, push legs up not back!)

40 Mountain Climbers

(In plank position, keep butt low driving knees towards the chest)

30 Scissor Kicks

(Lying on back, start with feet in the air and drop each heel to the floor. Alternating legs and keeping lower back pinned to the floor)

20 Side Plank Dips (10 e. side)

(Begin in side plank and lower hip towards the ground and back up, small movement)


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*This workout is not tailored to accommodate any existing injuries, chronic pain, or existing medical conditions. Please utilize at your own risk. If you have any doubts, contact your local physician before starting any workout outside of your normal routine. If you should feel dizzy or any pain while doing this workout, STOP immediately!