Learn to Love Yourself (Without Losing The Things You Love) / by PJ Monson

Nobody knows you better than you know yourself.  We all have our vices, whether it be desserts, Thai food, pasta, or alcohol. We all have things we can never get enough of or always eat too much. You may initially try to cut these treats out of your diet!  I have two problems with this type of self deprivation. First, completely depriving yourself of something usually means you will end up binging at a mental mojo moment of weakness. And two, you deny yourself something you love!






Instead of worrying constantly about how to avoid, fight, or change the urges, simply follow these simple habit tricks that will make moderating your favorite things a bit easier, making your life a bit happier.

  1. Take advantage of some alone time during the week. (no I don’t mean in that way; that is for a separate but equally fascinating blog!) I mean use the time when you are not being tempted by fancy menus, movie popcorn (delicious as it is expensive), or friends that need to drink that last boyfriend away, to cook healthy options for yourself. I have incredible guilt-free Friday night dinners with my BFFs because I know I have made healthy choices for myself throughout the week!
  2. Eat Twice!  Yep, that’s right, I am telling you to eat more to save calories.  Before you leave for that nice Italian restaurant, eat a veggie or protein snack. You don’t want to fill up but filling your stomach halfway with healthy stuff leaves less space for the not so healthy stuff. It can also save you a little bit of money because you won’t order so much. Three places you never want to go starving: restaurants, grocery stores, and most countries in Europe. (No Bueno)
  3. One of our favorite guest bloggers, Dorothy Camak said it best; “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper!” Food is fuel. You need the most to start your day so figure out a breakfast that is plentiful, quick to cook, and will keep you full for several hours thereafter. This is also the best time, if you are craving that Starbucks Morning Bun to go for it! The earlier you give into the temptation the more time you have to burn it off. You have been craving spaghetti ever since ABC Family aired Lady and the Tramp, make it for lunch and have a salad for dinner.
  4. Make it worth your while!  I always tell my clients to skip the Twix and go for the Tiramisu.  You wouldn’t spend $100 on a make up case from CVS so why waste your calories on subpar food? If you know you are going to have the opportunity to eat your favorite sushi roll or a piece of flourless chocolate cake on Saturday night then you will be more likely to by-pass the vending machine.