5 Reasons Being Single Is Good For Your Health / by PJ Monson

In honor of #NationalSinglesWeek we are dedicating this post to all the men and women out there who are making it on their own and doing just fine! 

It's human nature to always focus on what we "don't have" or "can't do" instead of focusing on what we "do have" and "can do!"  When we are single we have the freedom to choose what we want and when we want it. This freedom comes at no greater advantage than when needing to incorporate healthy choices into our day-to-day lives. These are just a few examples of how being a lone ranger works out in our favor!

We Actually Follow The Eat Slowly Rule! Have you ever been on that awkward first date where you're so nervous you don't know what to order, can't remember which online dating site you met the person on, or have no idea why you brought up your negative reaction to dairy as a potential conversation starter? Well studies have shown that all of these "nerves" you are feeling actually help to slow down your eating, causing you to ingest fewer calories and feel full faster. For most single people, this could mean practicing accurate portion control several times a week!

We See More Saturday Mornings! Sure, we may not be getting the late night sexathon till 3am, but what we are getting is a smaller waistline, healthy complexion, and lower stress levels from our early Saturday Morning Workouts!  We don't have to choose between making brunch plans and hitting the gym. We can do both! Being single allows you to own more of your time so you can get in the things you know you need without having to compromise with someone else's schedule!

We Drink Less! When we spend more time eating by ourselves we tend to drink less. On average, a bottle of red wine is 625 calories. Drinking a bottle of wine is most fun when shared with others. Take advantage of your alone time during the week and stick to water or hot tea with dinner. This leaves you a little extra wiggle room on the weekends to drink it up with friends!

We Feel Less Stress! Being in-love can bring with it a "happy high" that most of us do miss when we are single. However, with every "high" there is a "low" and with that low comes an increase in the hormones, adrenaline and cortisol-aka stress! Stress can lead to access eating and higher weight retention. This is not to say that other areas in our life will not cause us stress. However, we can use the extra "free single time" we have to practice stress-relieving activities like taking a yoga class or going for a run in the park. 

We Become Friend-Crazy! One of the best things about being single is having more time for friends. These people are your guaranteed support system! They share your interests, know your history, and will never let you down. Great friends force you out of the house and into the world. You have your running partner, yoga bestie, brunch bosom buddy, and that gal pal you can walk around with for hours just chatting about life. Friends help you to get to know yourself a little better and be more confident in who you are as a person. These gifts of confidence and clarity are a major contribution to the formation of your healthy mojo!