Be A Weekend Warrior! / by PJ Monson

We have all done it. We do our Sunday grocery run to make sure the fridge is stocked with healthy food for the week. We bypass the Wednesday Work Happy Hour to take our favorite yoga class.  We sip on green tea at our desk all day while munching on raw almonds and carrot sticks. We feel energized, smart, healthy, and ready to charge full-speed ahead into weekend sabotage. Let's see if we can downgrade the "sabotage" to a much more balanced idea of "minor indulgence." This is not an article about how to avoid partying but how to “party smart!”

In the fall our weekends are filled with extravagant dinners, all-day tailgating, endless bar crawls, and late-morning brunches. We deserve these things. We work hard so we play hard. This logic only becomes a problem when our weekend stress-reliefs keep us from achieving our long-term goals. Here are some tips to help you limit the self-destructive behavior without limiting your fun!


Don’t Even Go There At The Tailgate Party! 

Sometimes just that little bite will do, but not when it comes to the salty stuff! Try to refrain from even one handful of chips, pretzels, peanuts, or anything falling under the category “salty goodness.” You can never eat just one! Not only will you ingest needless calories from a bag of cheap potato chips but you will also end up drinking more to satiate your salty pallet. It is much easier to fight the temptation of "just one bite" than it is to refrain from eating another bite! This begins an endless cycle of mindless eating and wasting some precious calories you could be putting towards a delicious nutrient-filled grilled burger!


Make A Workout/Brunch Date

Brunch never starts before 11am so take advantage of the extra morning time and plan an activity with a friend.  It can be anything from taking a local yoga class, going for a jog around the park, or simply going for a walk with your morning coffee. Whatever the activity, just make sure you get your heart pumpin and blood flowin! This way you have already burned some calories and put yourself into a healthier mindset to make smarter food choices when you’re ready to eat.


Order Water Wherever You Go

Between the consumption of alcohol and rich foods plus higher activity levels, chances are you will be more dehydrated over the weekend. Marry yourself to the idea that no matter where you go, you will always order a glass of water with your meal or alongside that glass of wine. It is also a good idea to always chug a glass of water right before you leave the house.  This will keep you hydrated, happy, and feeling less hungry throughout the day! If you are tailgating, alternate between can of beer and glass of water!


Never Order Everything At Once

One of the best things to do on the weekends is catch up with friends at a delicious restaurant with copious amounts of wine. A great tradition to start is to order your courses one at a time! The body takes twenty minutes after start of eating to register its full.  The slower you eat the less you tend to eat. Wait to order your entrée till you have eaten your appetizer. This will help to stifle that starved feeling you had at the beginning of the meal making you want the rich pasta over of the healthy fish.


Alcohol Cheat Sheet

(You know you want to know)

Top 5 Low Calorie Cocktails!

1.     Light Beer  (12oz bottle) 110 calories

2.     Champagne (4.2 oz glass)  95 calories

3.     Red or White Wine (4.2 ounce glass)  80 calories

4.     Jack Daniels (single shot) 55 calories

5.     Vodka (single shot)  55 calories

Avoid the juices, tonic water, and sodas when it comes to liquor drinks! Diet soda, soda water, or on the rocks is the best!

Enjoy Your Weekend!