Stay Fit This Fall! / by PJ Monson

There is a certain magic to Fall. The leaves turn, giving us a beautiful landscape for that outdoor jog; pumpkins take a primary role in our table decorations, baked-goods, and coffee; and the sense of "new beginnings" is felt as we shrug off our guilt-free summer to prepare for the winter ahead. Take advantage of what this beautiful season has to offer...

What's In Season? These Fruits and Vegetables Thrive in Fall!

Artichoke (Folic Acid, Vit-C), Beets (Vit-A,B,C), Bell Peppers (Vit-A, B6), Butternut Squash (Fiber,Vit-K), Carrots (Vit-A), Cauliflower (Omega 3, Vit-C,K), Chard (Vit-K,A), Corn (Fiber,Vit-B6), Eggplant (Vit-B1,B6), Spinach (Vit-A,K), Pumpkin (Vit-A), Sweet Potatoes (Vit-A,C), Mushrooms (Vit-D)

Almonds (Vit-E), Apples (Vit-C), Cranberries (Vit-E,C,K), Pears (Vit-B2,C,E), Plums (Vit-C), Pomegranate (Vit-A,C,E), Raspberries (Vit-C,K), Tomatoes (Vit-C,K)

*The vitamins & minerals mentioned in the whole food above is only a highlight! The MyFitMojo Nutrition Page will be exploring a lot of the benefits of these nutrient-rich foods (including great recipes) throughout the month of October so STAY TUNED!

The Cooler Temperatures Lead To More Outdoor Activities!

The threat of heat stroke has greatly diminished allowing us to take our sweat session outdoors! No Weights Needed!

Is your Fall fitness goal to start running? We have the plan for you! 

Couch to 5K Running Plan takes a baby-step approach to help new runners learn the sport!

Try Tabata! This is a four-minute, high-intensity interval workout incorporating one exercise. All you need is a timer! 

1. Pick An Exercise : ex. Squats

2. Set The Timer: You will do as many squats as possible (safely) for 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds.

3. Repeat the 20 sec. on/ 10 sec. off for 4 minutes. (This will be hard but worth it!)

4. Pick a second exercise and start again! You can either stay within the same muscle group or switch it up for a total body workout!

Leg/Butt Tabata


-Step Ups

-Hip Extentions

-Jump Squats

Have some more Fall Fitness Suggestions?? We are always looking for new inspiration so please leave us a comment or write to us directly at!

Happy Fall!