Readiness For Change Questionnaire / by PJ Monson

Before deciding on any new changes in your life, it is important for you to assess how ready you are to try and conquer these new goals. If you begin for the wrong reasons or when you are truly not ready, and don't realize this, then you will end up believing you did not succeed because you were not capable and not because you simply just weren't ready. This mistake in reasoning will only make it harder for you to later try again. Take my Readiness for Change Questionnaire to get a good idea of where you might stand on the path to change. (You will need a pen and paper) Have fun! =) 

1. When you look in the mirror, do you have thoughts of shame or frustration?

a. Yes (+3)

b. I'm not sure (0)

c. No (-3)

2. When you feel run down and tired, what do you think is the source of these feelings?

a. Getting older (-1)

b. My lifestyle choices (+3)

c. Something else altogether (-3)

3. Are you taking any medications for heart disease, high blood pressure, or type II diabetes that you didn't have to take when you were younger?

a. Yes, I'm on two or more of these medications (+3)

b. Yes, I'm on only one of these medications (+1)

c. No, I'm not on any of these medications (-3)

4. If your fitness has deteriorated over the years, how do you explain the fact that you're in worse shape than when you were younger but haven't changed your habits at all?

a. I think it's my family history (-1)

b. I think it's that I'm less active (+3)

c. I think it's a natural consequence of aging (-1)

d. I don't know why it's happening (0)

5. If you don't have anyone to partner with in your journey for change, are you willing to seek out a friend, family member, or professional to help you with accountability?

a. Yes (+5)

b. No (-5)

6. Are you willing to start today?

a. Yes (+3)

b. No (-3)

7. If someone told you that you need to throw away the foods in your cupboards today and go shopping for different foods that are more appropriate to your goal, would you do it?

a. Yes (+5)

b. No (-5)

8. If an expert presents some information on diet and exercise that contradicts what your currently believe, what approach will you take?

a. Keep an open mind and give it a try (+3)

b. Ask a friend (0)

c. Ignore the advice (-3)

9. Are you willing to have a meeting with your friends and loved ones and share your behavior goals and desired outcomes with them?

a. Yes, right away (+5)

b. Yes, but not just yet (-3)

c. No (-5)

10. If your work environment presents significant barriers to your new life goals, would you consider speaking to your employer about changing some of these conditions or consider the idea of finding a job that will help more than hinder you?

a. Yes (+5)

b. No (-5)

11. Are you ready to spend less time with people who offer little or no social support for you goals while spending more time with those who do offer support?

a. Yes (+5)

b. No (-5)

12. Can you accept responsibility for the way your life is today and understand that, while your old habits and decisions DO NOT make you a bad person, the still need to be changed?

a. Yes (+5)

b. No (-5)

13. If a friend or loved one suggests that you don't have what it takes to reach your goals because you've failed before or for some other reason, what will be your response?

a. I can do it (+2)

b. I know I've got to make some changes but I'll take it one day at a time (+5)

c. Maybe I can't do it (-5)

14. Are you willing to wake up in the morning a bit earlier and stay up at night a bit later to accomplish your goals? 

a. Yes (+5)

b. No (-5)

15. Are you willing to go slow to make sure you stick with the goals you accomplish?

a. Yes (+5)

b. No (-5)

Your Score And What It Means

21 to 63: It's clear that you're ready, willing, and able to adopt some new daily practices. Getting to this point is never easy. So congratulations. What is your next step?

-20 to +20: If you scored in this range, it seems like you're on the fence. You may be frustrated with the way things are but a little nervous about changing the way you do things today. Those feelings are totally normal and natural. 

-61 to -21: From the results of your questionnaire, it seems like you're apprehensive about the change process. And that's totally okay. Most of my new clients have the same apprehensions, as the change process is completely foreign to them. 

Have questions about your results or where do go from here? Feel free to email me at! I would be happy to chat!