Ways To Burn Calories That Do Not Include Exercise! / by PJ Monson

The body burns calories in three different ways. The first is exercise, the second is in the digestion of food, and the third is through non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). This last method of calorie burning can be one of the biggest obstacles in preventing us from achieving our goals. NEAT is the unplanned and low intensity activity that takes place in our everyday. Exercise is definitely crucial, however, the one-hour workout every morning will only take you so far if you immediately follow it by sitting the rest of your day!  The 10,000-step rule is strongly associated with NEAT. Believe it or not, in the past it was actually the average minimum steps taken for a person during the day. Technology, transportation, and long-hour workdays have all contributed to our lack of daily basic movement.  

We need to increase our NEAT! MFM Coaches put our thinking caps on, did some research, and came up with some great and productive activities that do not include actual exercise but definitely include that extra calorie burn! (Calorie estimations are based on 1-hour activity using sample body weights 130lbs, 155lbs, and 190lbs)

Get Your Green Thumb! The fall season brings with it pumpkin patches and beautiful falling leaves. Gardening can actually burn on average 295, 352, or 431 Kcals. Raking leaves is also a guaranteed calorie scorcher at 236, 281, or 345 Kcals per hour! However, we know most northerners are bracing themselves for the snowfall ahead. This actually brings with it an even more beneficial NEAT activity, snow shoveling! Just clearing your driveway can burn 354, 422, or 518 KCals!  

A Parenting Plus! It probably comes to no surprise that you can get in quite the workout taking care of small children. However, it may surprise you to know the actual act of caring for a child burns a bit more calories than sitting down to play with them. On average, child care (standing-dressing, feeding) burns 207, 246, or 302 Kcals as opposed to sitting on the ground and playing with a child which only burns 148, 176, or 216 Kcals. The best part about these NEAT activities is that most parents know they will be dedicating much more than an hour a day to their precious little ones. So we say: "Bring on the Burn!"

Spend Some More Time With Food! This NEAT activity packs a triple punch! Cooking and preparing food can burn up to 148, 176, or 216 Kcals. The best part about this activity is not only are you burning some extra calories cooking, but you are also eating food made with fresh ingredients. Cooking also means cleaning. When you are done preparing the food for the week spend some time cleaning up and grab some extra calorie burn at 207, 246, or 302 Kcals. Cooking is a vital part of any healthy diet. How many activities allow you to burn energy while producing and ingesting good energy at the same time! Too Crucial Not To Do!

There are many other ways to increase your NEAT in your everyday life! If these suggestions don't fit your mojo or are already a big part of your mojo and you need some new ideas then let us know via our FB page @myfitmojo or email us directly at pj@myfitmojo.com! We are always here to help!